Cybernetic Lanka

Cybernetic Networks Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is the division of Cybernetic Networks Inc, U.S.A. Cybernetic Networks Lanka provides on line and on site computer support for small, medium, enterprise and home users. We offer a full range of I.T. services including simple spy ware/ virus removal to designing and installing complex custom I.T. solutions to our clients. We guarantee a positive client I.T. support experience.

* Viruses/ Spy-Ware
* Excessive POP-Ups
* Windows Error Messages
* Email Setup
* Printing Issues
* Software Installation and Configuration
* Network Setup
* Network/ Server Monitoring
* Computer Training
* Web Designing and Web Hosting promises 24X7 live response to address your immediate I.T. services needs

Cybernetic Networks' mission is to create ecstatic customers by partnering with small, midsized businesses and enterprises to reach their goals by positively affecting their experience with their I.T. services. To accomplish this, Cybernetic Network will provide professional customer-friendly staff; technically superior engineers; outstanding customer service; solutions for all I.T. needs, including designing, installing and maintaining the best networks: everything from a keyboard to a datacenter; and creating innovative technology solutions.


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